District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

September 15, 2014

Meeting Minutes

President Rogers opened the meeting and called on Robert Osborne who led the pledge and invocation.

Dave Brendza introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Richard Rogers gave the Sunshine Report and shared some club birthdays and anniversaries.

President Rogers gave thanks to last week's Club Cart Challenger, Sandy Dykes, and the Outside Challenger Jani King, who helped us raise $328.83 for the fund.

The Club CART Challenger for the meeting is Chris Etterlee and the Outside CART Challenger is Fuller Frost & Associates CPA's.

President Rogers made the following announcements:
- The Oslo Opportunity remains open. Club members are encouraged to nominate a participant.
- The club was reminded to sign up for next week's 100th anniversary luncheon at the Legends Club.

Guest Speaker:
Name: Aline Lemis, Georgia Rotary Student
Topic: Brazil
Alemis gave an informative and oft-time humorous presentation on her home country. Alemis' power point presentation informed us that Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world. The population is 202,656,788 and there are five major climate zones representing tremendous biodiversity. Brazil is a member of BRIC, (Brazil, Russia, India and China), an organization of 4 emerging economies. Brazil's energy output is 12th in the world, the 3rd largest hydroelectric producer and a significant agriculture and industrial power.

Next week's program will be our 100th Anniversary Celebration at the Legends Club. President Rogers encouraged everyone to come early, as the program is full. We will start promptly at noon.

The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.

The club then walked across the courtyard to the Augusta Canal Discovery Center to learn what the club had done to memorialize our 100th anniversary. We were invited into the newly renovated and renamed "Centennial Theatre" to be welcomed by Richard Isdell, Chairman of the Augusta Canal Authority and Club member. Dayton Sherrouse, Executive Director and Julie Boone, Education and Program Coordinator accepted a (symbolic) check for $25,000 from the club and then gave us the full run-down on everything that they had been able to do to upgrade the theatre and equipment. Additionally, the film "The Power of Water" was digitally re-mastered. After watching the film we all appreciated the quality and value of the film. The plaque, unveiled by Richard Isdell, Dayton Sherrouse and Jerry Rogers will be placed near the entrance to the theatre. The meeting was adjourned to enjoy the refreshments prepared for the occasion.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

9/22/14 100 year Anniversary Meeting at Legends Club

9/29/14 District Governor Visit


CART Blue buckets
Club Challenger: Chris Etterlee
Outside Challenger: Fuller, Frost & Associates


Club Guests

Shanda Vaughn
Jeff Puryear
Ian Mercier
Joe Hotchkiss
Jay Markwalter
Kathy Tuckey

Bobby Gagnon
Jim Puryear
Jim Osborne
Rick Herring
Barry White
Rotary, Assistant Governor

Visiting Rotarians



Richmond County Interact Club

Patrick Bolick
Jack Guitton
Makayla Tanksley

Meeting Makeup

Brinsley Thigpen 9-8-14 Martinez Evans
John Whitwell 9-15-14 Red Badge Orientation
Darryl Leech 9-15-14 On Line Make up
Darlene Price 9-8-14 On Line Make up
Darlene Price 9-15-14 On Line Make up


Forester Adams
Brad Means
Michael Ash
Russ Morgan
Greg Baker
Jeb Murray
Trex Bolick
Tim Owings
Keith Brown
Susan Parr
Greg Capers
Jeff Partl
Len Collins

Jonathan Powell
Neal Dickert
Darlene Price
Mieko DiSAno
Jim Price
Chris Etterlee
Curt Roberts
Bob Evans
Stan Shepherd
Jason Haddox
Rabbi Sirull
Aimee Hall
Jeff Spears

Rick Hall
Kevin Steffes
Randy Hatcher
Charles Stewart
Steve Hobbs
Phil Wahl
Steven Kaplan
Butch Whiddon
Darryl Leech
Ridge Whitehurst
Tony Lever
John Whitwell

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Dee Beaird
George Bradley
Tom Coghill
Rick Herring
Bill Keogh
Frank Mulherin
Hal Scott
George Williams


September Birthdays
Kathleen Bogolea
Sandy Dykes
David Fields
George Hall
Hammy Kuhlke
Connie Melear
Jennifer Pennington
Jim Puryear
Jeff Spears
Max Stachura
Jerry Woods