District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

June 23, 2014

Meeting Minutes

President John opened the meeting and called on Jeff Flowers who led the pledge and invocation. Chris Johnston introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians and Greg Deloach provided the Sunshine Report. President John gave thanks to last week's Club CART Challenger, Mike Cash, and the Outside Challenger, Benjamin McElreath P.C., who helped us raise $303.74 for the fund. This week's CART Challenger is Sue Parr.

President John made the following announcements/presentations;

  • The Club had 4 students participate at the RYLA conference in Douglas, Georgia and we are looking forward to a report from them at an upcoming meeting.
  • Please pick up your 2013 -2014 membership roster from the entrance desk.
  • David Hudson was named to the 2014 Most Influential Attorneys List by James Magazine.
  • Len Collins and Georgia State Floral recently moved to their new facility and celebrated their 60th anniversary.
  • President John called on Ricardo Bravo who thanked the club for their support of the Greater Augusta Partnership for Literacy (GAPL) which encourages reading by providing age appropriate books to over 1,000 local children. President John presented Ricardo with a check for $2,000 from the club which will allow GAPL to serve an additional 100 kids.
  • President John called on Billy Franke who gave an update on the Pendleton King Park project and invited everyone to come out on Saturday for a workday to clean up the wetlands.
  • Next week's program will be the Passing of the Gavel.

President John gave his "Year in Review" as his term is coming to a close and we prepare for new year in Rotary. Highlights included;
  • Adding 10 new club members
  • Hosting a top notch list of speakers during the year including six club members who made presentations
  • Participating in several activities including the Pendleton King Park project, Turn Back the Block, and Renew & Brew: Bowties and Blue Jeans with Goodwill.
  • Earning the CART Award for Most Money and Most Per Capita raised
  • Earning the Gold Club designation
  • Hosting Morten Von Wurden Hedelund from Denmark through the GRSP Program

President John also thanked the following;
  • Peggie Whitehurst for her service to the club as our Secretary
  • The Club Board for their support and hard work during the year
  • Marc Miller for setting up the programs each week
  • District Governor Kathy Tuckey for her support
  • All Club members for their dedication to Rotary

At the conclusion of his report, President John called on Dave Steele who reported on his recent two week visit to Scotland where he visited with one of our prior GRSP Students, Jaime Gordon who is now a law intern. Dave commented on the value of the GRSP program and its impact on both the student and the host families.

President Elect Jerry reminded the club that on July 14th, we would have a Club Assembly. Everyone needs to pick up a copy of the committee assignments from the table today and let Jerry know if there are any changes. Committee goals were also handed out to Chairs to begin working on.

President John thanked everyone for their support and advice during his term and adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.

Proposed Committee Structure for 2014-2015

Click here to review the Proposed Committee Structure for 2014-2015. Please contact Jerry Rogers at JRogers@georgiabankandtrust.com if you have any issues with your assignment.

Vocational Moment

If you would like the opportunity to tell us about your business at an upcoming meeting, please contact Frank Mulherin -706-414-4922 or fmulherin@weinbergersfurniture.com.


CART Blue buckets
Club Challenger: Sue Parr
Outside Challenger:


Club Guests

Dee Dee Kurilla
Kathy Tuckey
Emily Skliar
Ron Skenes

Thom Tuckey
Club - Rotary Assistant Governor
Dave Steele
Kevin Wade

Visiting Rotarians
Ricardo Bravo
Pam Lightsey

Augusta South
Augusta West

Interact Club

Meeting Makeup

Chris McKinney 6-23-14 On Line Make-up
Michael Ash 6-23-14 ARC Hero's breakfast


Forester Adams
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Michael Ash
Chris Johnson
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Chris McKinney
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Birthdays & Anniversaries

Bill Bohling
Keith Brown
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Chris Johnston
Tony Lever
Chris McKinney
Jeb Murray
Carlisle Overstreet
Richard Rogers


June Birthdays
Keith Brown
Mike Cash
Greg DeLoach
Chris Etterlee
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Lowell Greenbaum
Erick Montgomery
James Price
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