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Rotary Bulletin

December 7, 2015

Meeting Minutes

President Billy opened the meeting and called on George Hall who led the pledge and invocation.

John Sebby introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Brad Means gave the Sunshine Report and shared some facts about the attack on Pearl Harbor on its anniversary. President Billy gave thanks to last week's Club Cart Challenger, Darryl Leach, and the Outside Challenger, Fuller Frost CPAs, who helped us raise $508 for the fund. The Club CART Challenger for the meeting is Steve Foushee and the Outside CART Challenger is Gloria Greenbaum. 

President Billy made the following announcements/presentations:
Nominations for the 2016-2017 Board of Directors were announced and approved. These include President Jennifer Pennington, President Elect Ed Presnell, Treasurer Dustin Young, Secretary Scott Williams, Past President Billy Franke, Susan Jernigan, Kevin Grogan, Steve Farmer, Dee Beaird, Leland Malchow and Chris McKinney. 

Laverne Gaskins presented a flag from the Rotary Club of Vienna Austria where she had recently attended a meeting.

New Members:
President Billy introduced new member J. Daniel Rhodes. Daniel is an attorney with the Rhodes Law Firm specializing in estate planning. Welcome to Augusta Rotary, Daniel Rhodes!

Guest Speaker:
Name: Travis McNeal, Executive Director
Topic: Golden Harvest Food Bank
Travis described the operations of Golden Harvest Food Bank serving the needs of the hungry in nineteen Georgia counties and eleven South Carolina counties. They have locations in Augusta, Aiken and Anderson, including the Masters Table which is open 365 days a year and serves between 300-400 meals a day. The organization is Christian based and was founded in 1982.
They partner with approximately 300 "pantries" within these thirty GA and SC counties to distribute their food to those in need. In 2014 they handled over 17,000,000 lbs of food. 96% of all donations received go to their programs rather than overhead and over 42% of their labor hours came from volunteers.

Next week's meeting will be the annual Christmas luncheon.

The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

12/14/2015    Dr. Charlie Shaefer – Diabetes: Prevention and Treatment
12/21/2015    Christmas Luncheon
12/28/2015    NO MEETING: New Years


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Steve Foushee
Outside Challenger: Gloria Greenbaum



Trav McNeal
Glenn Parker
Mike White
Jessica Brown
Atoya Jones

Guest Of
Speaker - Golden Harvest Food Bank
Stacie Adkins
Jerry Rogers
Brenda Durant
Marilyn Bowcutt

Interact Club

John David Chambers
Wren Fisher

Visiting Rotarians



Meeting Makeup

Shanda Vaughn On Line Make up 12-7-15


Forester Adams
Mahendra Mandawat
Erin Armstrong
Russ Morgan
Bob Baisden
Jeb Murray
Greg Baker
Ned Murray
Susan Barcus
Steve O'Neil
Christine Betts
Robert Osborne
Barclay Bishop
Susan Parr
Steve Bogolea
Jeff Partl

Greg Capers
Jennifer Penningotn
Mike Cash
Jonathan Powell
Tom Coghill
Ed Presnell
Charles Coleman
Jimmy Richards
Jeanette Cummings
Jeff Schwab
John David
Becky Shealy
Greg Deloach
Stan Shepherd
Thomas Denlinger
Max Stachura

Rob Dennis
Charles Stewart
Judy Downie
Shanda Vaughn
David Fields
John Whitwell
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George Williams
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