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Rotary Bulletin

October 5, 2015

Meeting Minutes

President Billy opened the meeting, and invited Erick Montgomery to lead the pledge and invocation. Margaret Woodard welcomed our visiting Rotarians and guests.

President Billy announced last week's CART Challenge raised $208.14. Last week's challengers were Judy Kay and Fuller Frost; this week's challengers are Brenda Durant and The Frame Shop. Brad Means brought the week's Sunshine Report.

The speaker for this week's meeting was our own Thomas H. (Tom) Robertson, who shared stories and pictures from his book Resisting Sherman: A Confederate Surgeon's Journal and the Civil War in the Carolinas. This book is based on the journal of Francis Marion Robertson, Tom's great-great grandfather. In the final months of the Civil War, Dr. F.M. Robertson made a journey from Charleston S.C. all the way to Virginia and back, in an effort to assist the Southern cause. Tom retraced much of that journey in preparing to write the book, and was able to describe in considerable detail many of the still-extant sites mentioned in his ancestor's journal. A brief period of Q&A followed the presentation, and Tom was delighted to sell as many additional copies of the book as our chapter members were pleased to purchase.

President Billy announced that the Plant Voegel trip is scheduled for October 27th and is filling up quickly, please let him know if you'd like to attend. 

Augusta Downtown Rotary will not meet next week, October 12, as it falls on Columbus Day.
The meeting concluded with the recitation of the Four-Way Test

Upcoming Meeting Topics

10/12/2015    NO MEETING: Columbus Day
10/19/2015    TBA
10/26/2015    Mike Crapps, Richmond Fed Reserve Board Member


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Brenda Durant
Outside Challenger: The Frame Shoppe



Tom Robertson
Lee Robertson
Heard Robertson
John Robertson

Guest Of
Club Speaker - Author - Resisting Sherman
Ridge Whitehurst
Ridge Whitehurst
Ridge Whitehurst

Visiting Rotarians



Interact Club

Meeting Makeup

Peter Buckley 9-28-2015 On Line Make up
Steve Farmer 10-5-15 Rotary Dist. Gov. Meeting
Susan Jernigan 10-5-15 Rotary Dist. Gov. Meeting
Dustin Young 10-5-15 Rotary Dist. Gov. Meeting
Jennifer Pennington 10-5-15 Rotary Dist. Gov. Meeting
Jeanette Cummings 10-5-15 Augusta South Rotary Club

The following will receive a make up for attending a meeting with the Rotary District Governor on Monday, Sept. 28

Billy Franke
Jennifer Pennington
Susan Jernigan
Dustin Young
Jerry Rogers
Kevin Wade
Dee Beaird
Kevin Grogan
Steve Farmer


Stacie Adkins
Bill Keogh
Michael Ash
Leland Malchow
Greg Baker
Rob McKenzie
Barclay Bishop
Rick McMurtrey
Steve Bogolea
Ian Mercier
Trex Bolick
Peter Michenfelder
Marilyn Bowcutt
Marc Miller
Greg Baker
Russ Morgan
Tom Coghill
Jita Morrison

Jeanette Cummings
Frank Mulherin
John David
Jeb Murray
Thomas Denlinger
Ned Murray
Judy Downie
Steve O"Neil
Sandy Dykes
James Osborne
Chris Etterlee
Tim Owings
Steve Farmer
Jennifer Pennington
Jeff Flowers
Jonathan Powell
Fran Forehand
Stan Shepherd

Bobby Gagnon
Walter Sprouse
Laverne Gold
Max Stachura
Aimee Hall
Stan Stanton
Randy Hatcher
Charles Stewart
Rick Herring
Paul Wade
Steve Hobbs
Barry White
Janice Jackson
John Whitwell
Susan Jernigan
Dustin Young
Steve Kaplan