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Rotary Bulletin

August 10, 2015

Meeting Minutes

President Billy Franke called the meeting to order.

George Hall led the Club in the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation. Susan Barcus introduced our visiting Rotarian guest. Last week's CART sponsor was Dave Brendza, and a whopping $609 was raised for CART.

The much acclaimed Richard Rogers gave the Sunshine Report. He brought greetings to those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries during the week and related a number of historic occurrences that took place on August 10 in years past. He also alerted the Club to the fact that a movie production crew is in Augusta this week and will be filming at Sacred Heart. It is part of a movie to be named "Siren."

President Billy congratulated the Club on having achieved 100% attendance when make-ups were counted for the perfect attendance meeting last month.

Next President Billy introduced Zolst Pabt, our Rotary Foundation Student for the year. Zolst is a native of Hungary. When Zolst expressed a preference for eating "what you all eat," President Billy warned Zolst to take notice of Billy's physique. Welcome, Zolst!

Hal Scott has prepared a social media guide for our Club. Our Club is now on FaceBook and includes several hundred fans in the United States and three dozen or so in other countries.

Jerry Rogers introduced our newest member, Mr. Steve O'Neil. Steve is the Headmaster at Westminster Schools in Augusta.

Our program was presented by Cynde Covington of Jacksonville. Cynde and her husband have incredible credentials of Rotary service. Mr. Covington has served as a Club President. Cynde has served as District Governor and on numerous Club, District and Foundation committees. She has received multiple Paul Harris recognitions. Her passion is supporting Rotary's effort to eliminate polio throughout the world.

Cynde stated that polio was first documented about 1350 B.C. The first outbreak in the United States occurred in 1894. The first polio vaccine was invented by Dr. Jonas Saulk and was tested on one million American school children in 1954. It became approved for wide use in 1958, and after that the Sabin oral vaccine was approved and has been used since then.

Rotary's support of polio elimination came as the result of a 1985 visit of Rotarians to the Philippines and the impression that was made by the enormous number of persons there who were victims of this crippling illness. That was the genesis of the 1988 partnership between Rotary and the World Health Organization to distribute polio vaccines throughout the world.

Cynde made her first of three trips with Rotary to administer the vaccine in 2009, and the site of her visit was India. She showed the Club a compelling video of the team members administering the vaccine on that trip.

Currently, there have been about 20 cases in 2015 located in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Africa, which had been the site of prevalent polio, had its last case diagnosed in 2012 in Nigeria.

Cynde congratulated our Club for its long-standing support for polio eradication and encouraged our Club and all Rotarians to make the effort to achieve the ultimate goal of ridding the world of this disease.

At the conclusion of Cynde's presentation, President Billy flawlessly led the Club in the recitation of the 4-Way Test and adjournment.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

8/17/2015    Turner Simkins, Local Author "Possibilities"
8/24/2015    United Way Kickoff
8/31/2015    Fran Forehand, GA Power


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Erin Armstrong 8-10-15 Rotary Facebook Mtg
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Darlene Price 8-06-15 On line Make up
Barclay Bishop 8-10-15 Red Badge Orientation

The following will receive a make up for attending the Facebook Facilitation meeting on August 6, 2015.
Billy Franke
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