District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

October 30, 2023

Meeting Minutes

President Bill Keogh rang the bell and called the meeting to order.
Robert Osborne led us in the Pledge and Invocation.
Faye Hargrove gave the Sunshine Report today.
Tom Kiernan called on club members to introduce their guest in attendance today.
Interact Students from Richmond Academy and Davison Fine Arts introduced themselves. 

President Bill asked everyone to contribute to the blue buckets on the tables. You may give online at mycartfund.org. Login credentials are the same as DACDB. Also, please complete our club’s Google form to sign up to be a Cart Challenger

Upcoming Club Programs and Events:

  • District Governor, Felix Smith – November 6th
  • Veterans Day Program – November 13th
  • Thanksgiving Break (No meeting) – November 20th
  • Dave Olson (Savannah River Mission Completion) – November 27th

Football Follies: Mark Gillam was the winner of last week’s Football picks.

Look for news soon on this year's Signature Fundraiser and on our upcoming Rotary District Grant Project. Rotary helps our community through the generous donation of time and resources to worthy causes. In a word, Rotarians make things better.

Today’s Program
Dak Hoang introduced our guest speaker today Ronnie Kirtz – Director of Planning & Community Development, City of Grovetown. 
Mr. Kirtz shared the beginning history of Grovetown. It started as a resort town and was eventually incorporated in 1881. The first railroad depot was a small structure built between 1878 and 1879. The last depot was an ornate structure built in 1891, at a cost of $5,041.74. It served the residents of Grovetown until 1970, when passenger trains no longer ran the Augusta-Atlanta line. It was demolished in 1973.
With the construction of Camp Gordon in 1942, Grovetown experienced rapid growth, no longer remaining a small agricultural town. Camp Gordon, later Fort Gordon and now Fort Eisenhower, took advantage of the railroad and many military families looked to Grovetown for housing. Gradually, more and more retired military saw the benefits of living in this small town, and its population began to grow and stabilize.
Currently, Grovetown has a population of approximately 17,000. It is one of two chartered cities in Columbia County. Current annexation and multi-housing construction has increased the population potential of this formerly quiet town.
President Bill led us in the four-way test and then adjourned the meeting.

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