District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

January 14, 2019

Meeting Minutes

Bell rung at 12:15 PM
Pledge/Invocation: Tom Clark
Guests/visiting Rotarians: Daniel Young
Sunshine Report: Richard Rogers


We will continue raising money and awareness for Alzheimer’s through contributions to the blue bucket, however we are going to suspend the Inside and Outside challenges for December and January while we focus on the Smash Alzheimer’s Campaign and the upcoming Signature Fundraising Raffle.


Report given by Jeff Simless, announced that the email for the final week did not reach the players, so the results did not include the bowl games.  Congratulations to our Champion Chris Melcher who had the highest winning percentage at 69%.  Chris received a gift card donated by the club. 


President Leland welcomed our newest member, Mr. Nathan Cartwright, the general manager of Mercedes Benz of Augusta. 


Past President Kevin Wade was presented his Paul Harris plus 8 pin.  Congratulations to Kevin for his generous and ongoing support of the Rotary Foundation.


President Leland updated the club on our efforts selling tickets for the raffle.  So far, we have 90 members committed to buy or sell 405 tickets towards our goal of 500 tickets.  The drawing will be held Valentine’s Day 2019.  Everyone who has committed to 3 tickets or more was presented a special Rotary pin.

It was announced that our annual Valentines Party will be held at Mercedes Benz of Augusta and will precede the drawing for the car.  Invitations will follow today’s meeting.  As a reminder, proceeds from this event benefit Child Enrichment of Augusta.


The Nominating Committee has presented a new slate of officers and board for 2019 and 2020, which has been approved by the board. This new slate of officers and boards will be voted on by this club in one month and the officers and board are as follows:


  1. President, Scott Williams
  2. President Elect, Dustin Young
  3. Treasurer, Shanda Vaughn
  4. Secretary, Dustin Young
  5. President Elect Nominee, Shanda Vaughn
  6. Past President, Leland Malchow

Board Members

  1. Kevin Grogan
  2. Christopher McKenney
  3. Faye Hargrove
  4. Dora Hogg
  5. Brett Montroy
  6. Leigh Porterfield


  • President Leland congratulated Tom Clark and Dr. Brooks Keel for being named to Georgia Trend magazine’s Top 100 Influential Georgians. 
  • He also congratulated Wes Brown and his wife, Jessica, on the arrival of their new daughter.  Mother and baby are doing well.


Rotarian Lowell Greenbaum introduced our guest speaker, club member Dr. Zach Kelerhear.  Dr. Kelehear is the Vice President of Instruction and Innovation at Augusta University.  In his spare time, he is also a successful businessman and beekeeper. 

Dr. Kelehear educated the club on key differences between the queen, the drones, and the worker bees.  He explained that the queen will lay 1500 to 2000 eggs per day during the summer months and there is only one queen per hive. 

Bees provide a critical function in the pollination of all sorts of plant life.  It is estimated that nearly 90% of the products we consume include ingredients that have been pollinated by bees.  Dr. Kelehear discussed the threat to the bee population that is caused by both commercial and industrial pesticides. 

He closed by showing us the many products including honey, wax, and wine that he has produced from his hives. 


We will not meet on January 21st in observance of the Martin Luther King holiday.  Our next meeting will be January 28th and our speaker will be Jim Garvey who will speak to us on the Walton Award.

President Leland led the club in the 4-way test and the meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM. 

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Zack Kellehear
Julie Ferguson
Steve Munn

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Linda McKnight
John Whitwell

Richmond Academy Interact Club

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Meeting Makeup

Kayla Cooper 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon
Susan Everitt 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon
Fran Forehand 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon
Mark Gilliam 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon
Surendra Gupta 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon
Millie Huff 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon
Travis McNeal 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon
Ian Mercier 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon
Tim Owings 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon
Sue Parr 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon
TR Reddy 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon
Jerry Rogers 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon
Scott Williams 1-14-19 Econ Luncheon

The following attended Rotary Board of Directors Meeting held on January 8, 2019 at Cranston Engineering:

Leland Malchow
Ed Presnell
Faye Hargrove
Kevin Grogan
Scott Williams
Shanda Vaughn
Dustin Young
Brett Montroy
Chris McKinney


Forester Adams
Dora Hogg
Michael Ash
Millie Huff
Robert Baisden
Susan Jernigan
Clay Bednarz
Clay Jolly
Shell Berry
Judy Kaye
Chris Bird
Brooks Keel
Barclay Bishop
Russell Keen
Steve Boler
Scott Kelly
Mark Bowen
Rick Lowe
Conley Braun
Jim Laura

Carl Brown
Rob McKenzie
Wes Brown
Travis McNeal
Larry Broyles
Ian Mercier
Brittany Burnett
Betts Murdison
Gretchen Caughman
Anne Catherine Murray
Gwendolyn Conner
Sheri Osburn
Kayla Cooper
Tim Owings
Patrick Cullinan
Natalie Paine
Tom Denlinger
Sue Parr
John Donaldson
Jeff Partl

Ashlee Duran
Jennifer Pennington
Chris Etterlee
Jonathan Powell
Susan Everitt
TR Reddy
Steve Farmer
Jimmy Richards
Fran Forehand
Jerry Rogers
Mark Gilliam
Deborah Sleeth
Surendra Gupta
Kevin Steffes
Aimee Hall
Hawthorne Welcher
George Hall
Scott Williams
Chad Harpley
Margaret Woodard
Tripp Harrison