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Rotary Bulletin

March 12, 2018

Meeting Minutes

President Ed Presnell rang the bell to call the meeting to order. David Hudson gave the Pledge and Invocation. Daniel Rhodes introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. At our last meeting we raised $321.78. The inside challenger was Rotarian Darryl Leach and the outside challenger was the SNAK Properties (Rotarian A.K. Gulatti). This week the inside challenger is Rotarian LaVerne Gold and Jeannette Cummings is the outside challengerTo help with this committee please sign up with Rotarian Bob Baisden. The sunshine report was presented by Richard Rogers.


  • President Ed reminded everyone to consider contributing to the Paul Harris Foundation and using the matching incentive offered by DG Hamsa Thota. 
  • The District Grant Project is moving forward and will be a training session for all Georgia Law Enforcement Officers to learn to combat human trafficking.  Expected attendance is between 100-150 officers.
  • He also announced the next Board meeting is March 13th at 4:30 at Cranston Engineering and Bill Kemp will be meeting with new members on 3/19 at 4:30 at Past President and ADG Kevin Wade’s office located at 1115 Greene Street.


President Ed called on Janice Jackson to introduce our guest speaker, Mr. Glenn Parker, Director of the Richmond County Recreation and Parks Department. Mr. Parker provided an overview of the history of the department going back to 1952 when it was formed by the city of Augusta. 

Through the years the city and county departments were merged together and a master plan was developed in 1979. That was the last planning effort until he arrived 38 years later. The updated plan focuses on four key areas; land and facilities, recreation programs, branding, and financial operations. 

Throughout the planning process, which included public input, two recurring themes emerged. First, the community indicated a desire for more walking, hiking, and biking options and secondly, they stressed the importance of taking care of the facilities we currently have.

The department is responsible for 60 parks, mostly in the downtown area, as well as, three local cemeteries encompassing 155 acres. Mr. Parker has created a maintenance plan and budget that he is waiting for funding in order to be able to implement. Also, his department is working to improve and extend our current trail system. 

Mr. Parker closed by answering questions from the club. 


Our next meeting will be March 19th and the speaker will be Daniel Dunlap, Director of the City of Augusta 911 Services. 

The meeting was adjourned with the Four Way Test.

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Meeting Makeup

Jennifer Pennington 3-12-18 Board of Dir. Meeting
Kevin Grogan 3-12-18 Board of Dir. Meeting
Brad Means 3-12-18 Emcee United Way Banquet

The following will receive a makeup for attending the Rotary Board of Directors meeting held at Cranston Engineering, March 13, 2018.

Ed Presnell, Scott Williams, Kevin Grogan, Jennifer Pennington, Leland Malchow, Chris McKinney and Dustin Young.


Forester Adams
Susan Jernigan
Stacie Adkins
Clay Jolly
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Russell Keen
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