District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

December 19, 2016

Meeting Minutes

Special recognition:  The greeters for the day were Jane Pennington and Charles Hogg. 

Special recognition:  The Salvation Army Band honored the club with the playing of Christmas music.

Special recognition:  Brewster’s provided ice cream for during lunch.

President Jennifer Pennington rang the bell and called the meeting to order.

The invocation was given by Mercer Hogg.

The pledge was given by Ava Harpley and Will Harpley

President Jennifer thanked all assisting today for the meeting.

Carson Williams recognized our guests and visiting Rotarians.

Willie Williams welcomed our interact guests.

CART: Thanks was given to FFL Wealth for raising the club $200.82 for CART at our last meeting.  There was no outside challenger this week.

Wickie Berry presented the Sunshine Report. 

Emily Rogers, Gloriyah Caleb, and Tori Vicent led the Club in Christmas Carols as Santa arrived.

President Jennifer welcomed Santa and shared that all children (and adults) were invited to visit with Santa. 

Emily Rogers led the Club in reciting the four way test.

The meeting was adjourned.  

Rotary International Convention



CART buckets
Inside Challenger:
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Guest Of

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

Visiting Rotarians



Meeting Makeup

George Williams 12-5-16 On Line Make up
George Williams 12-12-16 On Line Make up
Jeanette Cummings 12-19-16 On Line Make up
Kevin Grogan 12-19-16 Rotary Board of Directors Mtg.
Ed Presnell 12-19-16 Rotary Board of Directors Mtg.


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Rob McKenzie
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Marilyn Bowcutt
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Gretchen Caughman

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