District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

April 22, 2024

Meeting Minutes

President Bill rang the bell and called the meeting to order. 

Kevin Grogan gave the pledge and invocation.

Connie Melear gave the Sunshine Report today.

Club members introduced their guests in attendance today.


  • The Turn Back the Block event was successful, with a great turnout from our club.
  • The 6920 District Conference will be held in Jekyll Island on April 26  to April 28.
  • No meeting on May 6th for our club golf tournament.
  • No meeting on Memorial Day, May 27th

CART: President Bill asked everyone to please continue to contribute to the blue buckets on the table or online at mycartfund.org using the same login credentials you use with DACDB.

Guest Speaker/Program

Today’s program speaker is Dr. Vahid Majidi. Dr Majidi is the president and Director of the Savannah River Nation Laboratory. The laboratory is designated as the United States Department of Energy’s Environmental Management Laboratory and provides strategic scientific and technological direction and program support for the nation’s 6 billion per year legacy waste clean-up program. Dr. Majidi discussed the history of the laboratory and its current mission. Research areas include environment and legacy management, national security, and emerging technology. Community involvement was discussed. The laboratory provides grants to teachers to bring innovative STEM projects to life in the classroom.

Bill led us in reciting the four-way test and then adjourned the meeting.  

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