District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

August 15, 2016

Meeting Minutes

President Jennifer Pennington rang the bell and called the meeting to order.

The pledge and invocation was given by Jeff Spears. President Jennifer gave a “Rotary Moment”. She showed news clips of Rotary Clubs in the past. Daniel Rhodes welcomed our guests and visiting Rotarians. Thanks to Neil Dickert and the outside challenger, Health Center Credit Union, the club raised $327.33 for CART at our last meeting.  This week the inside challenger is Scott WilliamsGould Hagler gave our Sunshine Report. 

Member Recognitions:

  • Jennifer Pennington presented “recognition” coins to Chris Bird and Peter Buckley.


  • Jeff Simless discussed the rotary football pool (Football Follies). Weekly football pool will start September 3rd.
  • The United Way Campaign Kick Off is August 29th at the Bell Auditorium.
  • Conclave – GRSP host sign up for August 26th to 28th. See John David, Jennifer Pennington, or Pam Lightsey if you are interested.

Pete Michenfelder introduced our guest speaker Scott Seabolt, WJBF.

Scot Seabolt discussed political advertising on the federal, state and local level. Scot said a total of 10 billion dollars will be spent this year on political advertising. Dollars spent will be up 43% from 2012. The heaviest spending will be in the swing states. Scot also discussed issue dollars versus campaign dollars and lowest unit rate (LUR) requirements for federal candidates.

Following the presentation, President Jennifer led us in reciting the four way test and then adjourned the meeting. 

Next meeting August 22, 2016 and the speaker will be Dr. Zack Kelehar, the Dean of the College of Education at Augusta University.


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Scott Williams
Outside Challenger: Cranston Engineering Group, PC



Scot Seabolt

Guest Of
Guest Speaker- Political Advertising

Interact Club

Visiting Rotarians



Meeting Makeup

Kevin Wade 8-15-16 Red Badge Orientation
Walter Sprouse 8-08-16 On Line Make up
Scott Williams 8-15-16 Rotary Board of Directors Mtg.
Brian Kyzer 8-08-16 On Line Make up


Forester Adams
Ben McElreath
Greg Baker
Chris Melcher
Shell Berry
Ian Mercier
Christine Betts
Jita Morrison
Steve Bogolea
Jeb Murray
Greg Capers
Sheri Osburn
Betty Carter
Susan Parr

Gretchen Caughman
Jeff Partl
Jeanette Cummins
Jonathan Powell
Paul Dainer
Angela Pringle
Guy Daniels
Jimmy Richards
John David
Walter Sprouse
Rob Dennis
Max Stachura
David Fields
Steve Foushe

Kevin Steffes
Laverne Gaskins
Stacy Tallent
Mark Gilliam
Linda Tucciarone
Randy Hatcher
Shanda Vaughn
James Heffner
Kevin Wade
Steve Hobbs
Barry White
Brooks Keel
George Williams
Russell Keen
Scott Williams