District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

June 20, 2016

Meeting Minutes

President Billy Franke opened the meeting and called on George Hall who led the pledge and invocation.

Frank Ward introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians.

CART:  Thanks to last week’s Club Cart Challenger, Paul Dainer we raised $256.06. 

Brad Means gave the Sunshine Report.


  • Reminder to sign up to be a host for GRSP during the weekend of August 27th through 29th.
  • Reminder that we still need drivers for RYLA.
  • Reminder about the Brian Mulherin scholarship at Augusta University.

President Billy Franke walked the crowd through an awesome power point presentation chronicling the events and accomplishments of the past Rotary year.

  • Membership increased from 163 to 175.
  • We had a meeting that achieved 100% attendance during the year.
  • Gould Hagler II was called to the podium and received the Will Watt Fellow designation as recognition for being the host family for GRSP student Zsolt Pap.
  • Phil Wahl was recognized for his tremendous work in putting together programs for the year.
  • The club was reminded of this year’s Kemp-Puryear recipient Erick Montgomery.
  • The club participated in many service projects, including the Lucy C. Laney gardens as well as the Lydia Project. 
  • A new Interact Club was established in Westminster and the groundwork was laid for a new Rotaract Club at Augusta Technical College, which should come to fruition very soon.
  • It was another productive year of service and fellowship.

Next meeting June 27, 2016 and topic will be the “Passing of the Gavel”

The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.


CART buckets
Inside Challenger:
Outside Challenger:



Matt Aitken
Cecilia Aitken
Chad Harpley
Cameron Williams
Michelle Steffes
Brandon Steffes

Guest Of
Billy Franke
Billy Franke
John Whitwell
Faye Hargrove
Kevin Steffes
Kevin Steffes

Interact Club

Visiting Rotarians

Ricardo Bravo
Pam Lightsey

Martinez Evans Rotary Club
Rotary, Dist. Governor Elect

Meeting Makeup

Kevin Wade 6-20-16 Rotary Trip - Germany


Forester Adams
Bill Keogh
Bob Baisden
Mahendra Mandawat
Barclay Bishop
Rob McKenzie
Steve Bogolea
Chris McKinney
Marilyn Bowcutt
Chris Melcher
Dave Brendza
Russ Morgan
Dee Bruker
Jita Morison
Greg Capers
Frank Mulherin
Jeanette Cummings
Jeb Murray
Len Collins
Ned Murray

Paul Dainer
Jim Osborne
Guy Daniels
Sheri Osburn
John David
Sue Parr
Tom Denlinger
Jonathan Powell
Neal Dickert
Jim Price
Judy Downie
Angela Pringle
Bob Evans
Jeff Schwab
Laverne Gaskins
Stan Shepherd
Mark Gilliam
Jeff Simless
Kevin Grogan
Max Stachura

Rick Hall
Stan Stanton
Randy Hatcher
Sonny Tucker
Rick Herring
Shanda Vaughn
Steve Hobbs
Kevin Wade
David Hudson
Ray Walters
Keith Hull
Butch Whiddon
Susan Jernigan
Andrew Williams
Brooks Keel
George Williams
Russell Keen
Scott Williams
Margaret Woodard
Dustin Young