District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

May 23, 2016

Meeting Minutes

President Billy rang the bell to call the meeting to order and mentioned that this is “Youth Service” Month. The pledge and invocation was given by Jeff Flowers

Note: Jeff wanted the Club to be aware that Havird Usry’s grandfather, Mr. Jack Hodges, died and for the Club to remember the family at this difficult time.

Chris McKinney welcomed our guests and visiting Rotarians.

CART:  Thanks to last week’s inside challenger, Kevin Grogan we raised $177.18 for CART. This week the inside challenger is Jerry Woods.

Brad Means gave the Sunshine Report


  • The Golf Tournament was held on Monday, the 16th and it was a great success.
  • Richard Isdell, Sargent at Arms, assisted President Billy in announcing the Club’s awards from the District Conference.  These included the Top Cart Award, Per Capita Giving Award and the Gold Club-of-the-Year Award.
  • Anne Sherman, of the South Augusta Rotary, made a short presentation on the Time We Install Garden Spots (TWIGS) project.  Flyers were available for interested members.
  • The International Conference will be in Atlanta on June 10th through the 14th, 2017.  Early registration for this conference begins May 28th and will continue through June 6th.  A discounted registration fee will be available during this time.
  • There will not be a regular Rotary meeting on Monday, the 30th due to the Memorial Day holiday.

President Billy called on Dr. Lowell Greenbaum to introduce our guest speaker, Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis

Mayor Davis began his presentation by recognizing Havird Usry for his recent appearance on the Food Network Star television show. He also recognized his Chief-of-Staff, Lynthia Owens, and two of his Fellows, Ms. Palmer Brigham and Mr. Adam Rakowski.

Mayor Davis spoke to the Club about a “Community in Transition”.  He noted the many accomplishments that have occurred here in Augusta, i.e. engagement of younger citizens with the Mayor’s Office, the push for continued economic development and the recognition of banner years for industry such as E-Z-GO.

He stressed the need for a collaborative focus for the future with all sectors working together. Now is the time to move beyond the factions and work together. If this occurs, Augusta will become a destination city such as Charlotte and Greenville.  He believes that the private sector should lead the way for such development and form a partnership with government.

During his presentation Mayor Davis noted a quote from his father, “If you don’t work to shape your future, someone else will”.  He stressed that now is the time for Augusta to shape its future.

In an effort to help move Augusta to one collaborative approach, Mayor Davis has pledged to develop an “I” Team or an Innovative Team that will assess and provide strategic suggestions for growth planning for Augusta.

Mayor Davis concluded his presentation by providing an update on TSplost and the “One Augusta” Initiative.


  1. 80% of Band 1 is in process now.
  2. Our transportation network and services are top in the state of Georgia
  3. Roads in dire need of repair, such as Patterson Bridge Road, have been fixed due to this funding.

One Augusta:

  1. We need to provide opportunities for all of our citizens
  2. We need to be forward thinking on criminal justice
  3. Ban-the-Box Initiative to give citizens a chance at a new start when they have worked hard to improve their lives for the future.

Next Meeting June 6th, 2016 and the speaker will be Linda Tucciarone, Executive Director, Heritage Academy.

Meeting was adjourned by reciting the four way test.


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Jerry Woods
Outside Challenger:



Mayor Hardie Davis
Lynthia Owens
Steven Bohler
Tom Clark
Keith Hull
Becki Beagles
David McDaniel
Matt Padgett

Guest Of
Guest Speaker
Lowell Greenbaum
Billy Franke
Thom Tuckey
Max Stachura
Paul Dainer
Haskell Toporek
Leland Malchow

Interact Club

Visiting Rotarians

Mollie Shiflet
David Sink
Anne Sherman

Rotary Club of Leland, NC
Rotary Club of Leland, NC
Augusta South Rotary Club

Meeting Makeup

Dee Bruker 5-23-16 Past President's Luncheon
Susan Rice 5-23-16 Past President's Luncheon
Harold Scott 5-23-16 Rotary Golf Outing
Jeanette Cummings 5-17-16 Augusta South Rotary
Russell Keen 5- 9-16 On Line Make Up
Bill Kemp Augusta South Rotary
Fran Forehand 5-2-16 On Line Make up
Fran Forehand 5-9-16 On Line Make up
Jeff Flowers 5-9-16 On Line Make up

The following will receive a make up for attending the Rotary Golf Outing held on May 16, at the River Club:

John Whitwell Bob Evans
Billy Franke Jeff Futrelle
Jimmy Richards Phil Wahl
Andrew Williams Faye Hargrove
Marc Miller Butch Whiddon
Hal Scott Guy Daniels
Eddie Booth Tom Denlinger
Stacy Tallent Frank Mulherin

The following will receive a make up for attending the Rotary Board of Directors Meeting held on May 17 at RW ALLEN:

Billy Franke
Jennifer Pennington
Susan Jernigan
Steve Farmer
Kevin Grogan
Dustin Young
Ed Presnell
Dee Beaird


Christine Betts
Travis McNeal
Chris Bird
Erick Montgomery
Barclay Bishop
Russ Morgan
Dave Brendza
Jita Morrison
Mike Cash
Jeb Murray
Tom Coghill
Ned Murray
Jeanette Cummings

Steve O'Neal
John David
James Osborne
Neal Dickert
Sheri Osburn
Bob Evans
Daniel Rhodes
Fran Forehand
Susan Rice
Bobby Gagnon
Jeff Schwab
Gould Hagler
Harold Scott

Aimee Hall
Jeff Simless
Randy Hatcher
Stan Stanton
David Hudson
Shanda Vaughn
Russell Keen
Phil Wahl
Scott Kelly
George Williams
Mahendra Mandawat
Scott Williams
Ben McElreath
Margaret Woodard