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Rotary Bulletin

May 9, 2016

Meeting Minutes

President Billy rang the bell to call the meeting to order and mentioned that this is “Youth Service” Month. The pledge and invocation was given by Erick Montgomery. Chris McKinney welcomed our guests and visiting Rotarians. Thanks to last week’s inside challenger, Max Statura, we raised $­­­282.52 for CART. This week the inside challenger is Kevin GroganRichard Rogers gave the Sunshine Report


  • GRSP Conclave will be held in August 2016, homes are needed for students to stay while they are here. Please sign-up if you have an extra room, or two, available.
  • Group Study Exchange- Begins tomorrow, Tuesday, May 10th. Thank you to those businesses that will be providing tours.
  • This is the last week to sign up for the Frank Mulherin Golf Tournament. The Tournament will be held on Monday, the 16th.
  • There will not be a regular Rotary meeting on Monday, the 16th.
  • The District conference will be held this coming Friday in Savannah.

President Billy called on Pap Zolst to share his GRSP “Year in Review”. Zolst talked to the Club about the many places he was able to visit and the wonderful experiences he had while he was with us this past school year. While he enjoyed his college classes here in the U.S., it was his many different experiences out of the classroom meeting other students in GRSP and Rotarians that was the most meaningful. He shared with us that he will take from this experience the knowledge that people are the generally the same no matter their country of origin, color of their skin, political or religious views or the language they speak.

President Billy called on Ed Presnell to introduce our guest speaker, Patrick Cullinan, Staff Representative for the Police Benevolent Association of Georgia. 

Mr. Cullinan spoke to the Club about his personal story of being a law enforcement officer and facing the unthinkable on a daily basis. He shared with us how growing stress from his job contributed to his personal loss three marriages and his struggle with alcohol and multiple suicide attempts. All of these factors, over many years, led him to a new life and his current position with the Association. 

He spoke of an unwritten “rule” in law enforcement that signs of stress and needing assistance emotionally is seen as weakness. This contributes directly to the high incident of divorce, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide that is found within all law enforcement.

Mr. Cullinan works as an advocate for supporting officers and support staff so that they can seek the assistance they need to deal with the many horrific events they handle on a regular basis. The Police Benevolent Association provides counseling and programs for officers and is helping to change the high rates of divorce, addiction and suicide in the law enforcement community.

At the end of his talk he asked the Club to please support local events, such as, “Race for the Fallen” and “Rock for Cops” that raise money and awareness for officers and their families who are in need. 

Next Meeting May 23, 2016 and the speaker will be Mayor Hardie Davis

Meeting was adjourned by reciting the four way test.

Special Events

Rotary Golf Tournament
Monday, May 16th
River Golf Club – 1:00 Shotgun
Lunch Provided
Guests Are Welcome


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Inside Challenger: Kevin Grogan
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Pat Cullinan
Keith Hull
Tom Clark
David Bullington

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Max Stachura
Thom Tuckey
Scott Kelly

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Meeting Makeup

Pete Michenfelder 4-28-16 Augusta West Rotary

The following will receive a make up for attending the Past President's Luncheon held on May 5, at the Augusta Country Club:

Eddie Booth Ray Walters
Dee Bruker Ridge Whitehurst
Neal Dickert Jerry Woods
Bob Evans Kevin Wade
Jeff Futrelle Connie Melear
Hammy Kuhlke John Whitwell
Frank Mulherin Billy Franke
Susan Rice Ed Presnell
Jerry Rogers Jennifer Pennington
Haskell Toporek
Herb Upton


Forester Adams
Brian Kyzer
Stacie Adkins
Rob McKenzie
Bob Baisden
Brad Means
Barclay Bishop
Chris Melcher
Steve Bogolea
Connie Melear
Dave Brendza
Ian Mercier
Greg Capers
Marc Miller
Tom Coghill
Brett Montroy
Guy Daniels
Russ Morgan

Rob Dennis
Jeb Murray
Judy Downie
Ned Murray
Sandy Dykes
Steve O'Neil
Bob Evans
Jim Osborne
Steve Farmer
Sheri Osburn
Fran Forehand
Susan Parr
Bobby Gagnon
Jonathan Powell
Laverne Gaskins
Jim Price
Gould Hagler
TR Reddy

Aimee Hall
Jimmy Richards
Faye Hargrove
Jerry Rogers
Richard Harmon
Jeff Schwab
Randy Hatcher
Becky Shealy
Rick Herring
Stacy Tallent
Steve Hobbs
Paul Wade
Susan Jernigan
Phil Wahl
Russell Keen
John Whitwell
Scott Williams
Margaret Woodard