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Rotary Bulletin

January 11, 2016

Meeting Minutes

President Billy opened the meeting and called on Eric Montgomery who led the pledge and invocation.

Chris McKinney introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians and Richard Rogers gave the sunshine report.

President Billy gave thanks to last week’s Club Cart Challenger, Tim Owings, and the Outside Challenger, Morgan Stanley who helped us raise $335.98 for the fund. The Club CART Challenger for the meeting is Shell Berry. There is no Outside Challenger.

President Billy made the following announcements/presentations:

  • The Valentine’s Social is on February 13th
  • On January 18-24 there will be a blood drive at the Shephard Blood Center. It is a competition and there is a possibility that the Club could receive up to $500 if enough show up to donate. All are encouraged to give blood.
  • The Club was reminded of three service projects: Lydia House, Phinizy Swamp, and Heritage Academy.
  • Club members were encouraged to sign up for the visit by John Germ, President Elect for Rotary International. He will be speaking on February 15th. The club will pay for anyone who desires to attend and signs up. Club members can use the meeting for a makeup if needed. A meal will be provided. If you sign up, you are expected to show up.

Leverne Gold introduced new member Dr. Faye Hargrove. Dr. Hargrove is the Chief Development Officer for the Family Y.

Rick Herring gave a check for $1,018.62 to Christine Miller related to the service project in October at the Lucy Laney Museum. Christine thanked everyone and encouraged all to visit the museum.

Lowell Greenbaum introduced the guest speaker, Kellie K. McIntyre, the Solicitor General for Richmond County. Her topic was an overview of the Solicitor’s Office. She stated that the Office serves all citizens of Richmond County and also serves as the prosecutor for all misdemeanor criminal offences including DUI cases, traffic violations, theft cases, domestic violence, neighborhood disputes, and other non-traffic misdemeanor offenses occurring in Augusta-Richmond County. Misdemeanor offenses have a maximum punishment of 12 months confinement and generally have a maximum fine of $1,000. She stated that the office strives to balance representation of the State with advocacy for victims and to develop and maintain policies that apply standards of fairness equally to all concerned. Kellie stated that there are currently 36 employees under her including 11 attorneys and several victim assistance workers. Kellie explained some of the other services of the court including the Accountability Court, Drug Court, DUI Court, and Veterans’ Court. She ended by stating that the office aides in the collection of revenue for Augusta/Richmond County and brings in over $4 mill annually primarily due to collections from fines.

President Billy ended with a book presentation to Kellie.

The meeting was adjourned with the recital of the Four-way Test.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

1/18/2016 NO MEETING: MLK
1/25/2016 Dr. Angela Pringle, Superintendent RCSS
2/1/2016 NO MEETING: UGA Economic Outlook 
2/4/2016 UGA Economic Update 
2/8/2016 President Brooks Keel: Augusta University Pathway Forward 
2/15/2016 Rotary International President Nominee John Germ - Presidents Day
2/22/2016 Dr. Ted Johnson: Pediatric Cancer


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Dora Hogg On Line Make up 1-4-16


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